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Paroles et musique :Etheridge Melissa, John Shanks
Capo III
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Intro :                       
The   rope that's wrapped arou  nd me is cut  ting through my ski  n
And the dou  bts that have surr  ounded me are fin  ding their way in  
I keep it clo  se to me   like a h  oly man p  rays
In my de  sperate hour   it's be  tter better that way
      So i  'll   come by to see y  ou aga  in    i  'll be s  uch a very   good frie  nd       
Have me  rcy on my soul    i will ne  ver let you kn  ow where my   mind has been
A  ngels   nev  er came down   there's no   one he  re they wa  nt to hang ar  ound.
B  ut if they k  new if they k  new you at all   then one   by one   the ange  ls
Angel  s would fall  .                 
I've c  rept into your tem  ple i have sl  ept upon your pe  w.
I have d  reamed of the div  inity in  side and out of yo  u.
I want it mo  re than truth  . i can ta  ste it on my br  eath.
I would giv  e my li  fe for a li  ttle a li  ttle death.
So i  'll come back to se  e you   again  i  'll   be just a v  ery good f  riend    
I will not lo  ok upon your face.   i will not tou  ch upon your grac  e your e  cclesiastic skin.
    Ah  _____ angels    ah_  _____ang  els would fall  . ah_  ___ angels
      I'l  l co  me by to see   you aga  in  and   i'll ha  ve to be a   very good   friend   
If i   whisper they will k  now. i'll just t  urn around and   go you will n  ever know my s  in.
      I'l  l co  me by to see   you aga  in  and   i'll ha  ve to be a   very good   friend   
If i w  hisper they will kn  ow. i'll just tu  rn around and g  o you will ne  ver know my si  n.


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