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Paroles et musique :Melissa Etheridge
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Sometimes   I know that it's never enough
Surviva  l is fine but satisfaction is rough
I tr  y with an angel tonight
Spread   these wings and I'm on for the ride
Cruis  e these streets where my innocence hides
There  's some things you c  an't deny   
Wh  at is it about this human condit  ion
I ne  ed some kind of promise some kind        
of submission tonight      
Ain't it heavy  
Ain't the night heavy     
I'm feeling kinda loose I'm feeling kinda mean
I've been feeling kinda wild since I turned 17
Or is it madness
Tell me where can a woman find any kinda peace
When does the fury and the agony cease
How long have I got to say please
There's a hole in my jeans I only wanted to fade
I've been riping out seams somebody else made tonight
Ain't it heavy  
Ain't the night heavy      


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