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  When the   day is   shor  t  And the nights are long
  It'diffe  rent worl    Where the rules are wrong
  And I, I wil  l go home wi  th    who Whoever is s  ure
Are you sure ?
  And I   don't   care if yo  u,  If you love me tomorrow just
  Love me   tonigh  t 'I  ,  I will be all   right
I'll be all right, I'll be all right
Until tomorrow ni  ght
And it's oh so long Meet your, meet your friends at the bar
And is that who those people are ? They they seem so very...oh, far
They seem so far Is that who they really are ?
And on the jukebox is your, Is your only song 'I
I have never remembered the words, Now I've waited, waited too long
I've waited too long, Our love is gone
  No more sober words of love, No more walks in the park side
No more sweet 'shy touches, yeah, We're just lovers in the dark
Feel nothing, leave no mark
But it was fun when we saw   sparks
When the day is short, And the nights are long
It's a different world, Where the rules are wrong
I'll be all right I'll be all right


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Dernière modification : 2011-08-23
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