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How many ho  urs within a da  y
How many day  s within an ho  ur
I   cannot tel  l the dif  ference Fra  ncis
W  hen I'm with you exchanging g  lances
H  ow many blue skies in a year
How many years of sk  ies of bl  ue
I  t doesn't make a difference Francis
W  hen I'm with you the pouring rain   only enhances a  ll
L  ook now you got me   feeling sad
Just like the chords in fr  ench songs do  
So   let's switch b  ack to En  glish Fra  ncis
Wh  en I'm with you the precious time so qui  ckly passes
A  ll I   notic  e are   the   season  s            
A  nd th  at in  finit  y lies withi  n a seee  eeeee  cond             
Yo  u never requеsted an opinion
So please f  orgivе me for my m  usings
I'  ll be st  rong I'  ll be s  trong
I'  ll be st  rong in c  hoosing Francis    
I wo  n't go a telling
A  ll I   notic  e are   the   season  s          
A  nd that in  finity   lies   within   a s  econd          
Other than that
I   cannot tell the difference Francis
W  hen I'm with you exchanging   gla  nces        


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