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Paroles et musique :Martha Wainwright
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Summer co  mes an  d rain falls away
  But the very next day it seems
The sno  w comes to stay
And you too will go j  ust like   the dog days do
  I'll put on my hat, my gloves, my scarf
To keep th  e cold apart
But there are no hats, glo  ves, sca  rves for the heart
 (x212xx)Just a cold wind which leaves its   frosted mark
 (077600)Don't forget that I will alway  s love you
 (077600)Just a reminder to help you pave you  r pathway
  fall it cools Winter it snow,
spring it rains, summer comes
An  d you go
But in my sil  ly mind   I've gotten married to you
 (x212xx)You're across town, don't even h  ave a clue
Or these im  ages   that in ten years
 (x212xx)I'll run into you & fall right back   inside of you
Don't forget that I will always love you
Just a reminder to help you pave your pathway
Fall it cools, winter it snows
Spring it rains, summer comes
And you go
So when will we meet ne  xt and w  here will it be
 (x212xx)On a platform track in an old   movie
Cause time moves in circles & ca  n le  ave you anywhere
  Fall it cools, winter it snows
Spring it rains, summer comes
And yo  u go


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