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The F  rench were   bred to   die for love
  They delight   in fighti  ng duals
But   I prefer a   man who li  ves
And   gives e  xpensive j  ewels
A k  iss   on the   hand may be   quite con  tinental
But diamonds are a g  irl's best fr  iend
A k  iss m  ay be   grand, but i  t won't pay the   rental
On your h  umble flat, or   help you at th  e automat
  Men grow   cold a  s gir  ls g  row old
And we   all lose our   charms in the   end   
But s  quare-cut or pear-  shaped
These rocks do  n't lose their   shape
  Diamonds are a   girl  's be  st friend
Tiffany's !
Cartier !
Black star, frost gorom !
Talk to me, Harry Winston, tell me all about it !
There ma  y co  me a   time when a lass   needs a   lawyer
But diamonds are a   girl's best   friend
There   may c  ome a   time when a   hard-boiled e  mployer
thinks you're   awful nice
But   get that ice or   else no dice
  He's your   guy whe  n stoc  ks a  re high
But b  eware when they   start to d  escen  d
It's t  hen that those   louses go bac  k to thei  r spouses
  Diamonds are a   girl'  s bes  t friend
I've h  eard   of   affairs that are   strictly   plutonic
But diamonds are a g  irl's best fr  iend
Ad   I th  ink af  fairs that you   must keep lia  isonic
Are be  tter bets, if l  ittle bets get   big bag gifts
  Time rol  ls on,        And   you  th is gone
And you   can't straig  hten up when yo  u ben  d,
But s  tiff back or   stiff knees
you stand st  raight at Ti  ffany's !
  Diamonds !
  Diamonds !
  I do  n't mean r  hinesto  nes
But Di  amonds are   a girl's   best ...
Best f  riends !


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