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Intro : Dm   Am   Bb   Gm 
 Dm Catalog Am  ue princess, apprentice seductress
 Bb hiding  Gm  in her cellophane world in glitter town.
 Dm Awaitin Am  g the prince in her white Capri
 Bb Dynamic Gm  young Tarzan courts the bedsit queen.
 Dm She's p Am  laying the actress in this bedroom scene,
 Bb she's l Gm  earning her lines from glossy magazines.
 Dm Stringi Am  ng all her pearls from her childhood dreams,
 Bb auditio Gm  ning for the leading role on the silver screen.
 Dm Patienc Am  e my tinsel angel.
 Bb Patienc Gm  e my perfumed child.
 Dm One day Am  they'll really love you.
 Bb You wil Gm  l charm them with that smile.
 Dm But for Am     n Bb ow      Gm 
 Dm It's ju Am st anot Bb her Che Gm  lsea Monday
 Em Chelsea D        C   Mond Am  ay !
 Em   D   C   Am  ...
 Dm   Am   Bb   Gm 
 Dm Driftin Am  g with her incense in the
 Bb labyrin Gm  th of London.
 Dm Playing Am  games with faces in the
 Bb neon wo Gm  nderland
 Dm Per   Am  form to scattered shadows on the
 Bb shatter Gm  ed cobbled aisles.
 Dm Would s Am  he dare recite soliloquies at the
 Bb risk of Gm  stark applause ?
 Em     D     C   Am 
 Em     D     C   Am 
To Chelsea Monday.
 Em She'll  D  pray for endless Sundays,
 C as she Am  enters saffron sunsets.
 Em Conjure D  phantom lovers from the
 C tatter Am  ed shreds of dawn.
 Em Fulfill D  ed and yet forgotten
 C the    Am       St Tropez mirage.
 Em Fragran D  t aphro      disiac,
 C the   Am  withered tube rose.
 F#m   A   F#m   C#m   E   C#m   B   Eb(dim)   B   G   Em  (2x)
 F#m Patience A  my ti F#m  nsel angel.
 C#m Patience E  my pe C#m  rfumed child.
 B One    Eb(dim)    day th B  ey'll really love you.
 G You wi Em  ll charm them with that smile.
 F#m But for  A        F#m  now     C#m          E        C#m 
 B It's j Eb(dim) ust another B      G  Chels Em  ea Monday Sweet Chelsea
 F#m Monday ! A        F#m          B(sus4)            B        Dm         F        Dm         Em         G 
 F#m   A   F#m   B(sus4)   B   Dm    F   Dm     Em   G 
 F#m   A   F#m   C#m     E   C#m   B   Eb(dim)   B   G   Em   (3x)
 F#m Catalogu A e prin F#m  cess, apprentice seductress
 C#m buried i E n    C#m     her cellophane world in
 B glitte Eb(dim) r town.     B        G        Em 
 F#m   A   F#m   C#m   E   C#m   B   Eb(dim)   B   G   Em  (2x)
Finale : F#m   A   F#m   C#m   E   C#m 


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