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Album "Daydream" (1966)
Paroles et musique :John Sebastian
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Intro:  C   C   C   C 
 C   What a day for a d A7  aydream
 Dm7   What a day or a d G7  aydreamin' boy
 C   And I'm lost in a d A7  aydream
 Dm7   Dreamin' bout my b G7  undle of joy
 F   And even if t F#7(dim) ime ain't really o C n my s A7  ide
 F   It's one of those d F#7(dim) ays for takin' a w C alk outs A7  ide
 F   I'm blowin' the d F#7(dim) ay to take a w C alk in the s A7  un
 G   And fall on my f C/G ace on somebody's n G7 ew-mowed lawn
I been havin' a sweet dream
I been dreamin' since I woke up today
It's starring me and my sweet dream
'Cause she's the one that makes me feel this way
And even if time is passin' me by a lot
I couldn't care less about the dues you say I've got
Tomorrow I'll pay the dues for dropping my load
A pie in the face for bein' a sleepy bull toad
Instrumental:  C   A7   Dm7   G7  (x2)
And you can be sure that if you're feelin' right
A daydream will last 'til long into the night
Tomorrow at breakfast you may prick up your ears
Or you may be daydreamin' for a thousand years
What a day for a daydream
What a day or a daydreamin' boy
And I'm lost in a daydream
Dreamin' bout my bundle of joy
 F   D7/F#   C   A7  (Ad libitum)


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