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I see tr  ees of green  , red   roses too     
  I see them b  loom, for m  e and you,    
And I   think to myself  , What a   wonderfu  l wo  rld.                 
I see sk  ies of bl  ue and c  louds of white,     
  The bright blessed   day, the dar  k sacred ni  ght,
And I   think to myself, what a wo  nderful   world                        
The   colors of the rainbow, so   pretty in the sky
Are   also on the faces of   people goin'by
I see   friends shaking   hands, saying,   "How do y  ou do ?"
  They're really   saying, "  I love   you."      
  I hear   babies   cry, I   watch the  m grow
  They'll learn much   more than I'l  l ever know,    
And I   think to myself what a won  derful w  orld                          
Yes I t  hink to myself,   what a   wonderful   wor  ld.    


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