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 G The first time I sa Em  w you
Oh Am , you looked so fin D  e
And G  I had a feelin Em  g
On Am e day yo D  u'd be mine
Honey, yo G u came along and capt Em  ured my heart
Now my love Am  is somewhere lost in your kis D  s
When I'm all al Am one it's you that  D  I miss
Girl, a  Am love like yours is hard to  D  resist
Pe G nny lover, my love's on fi D re       Em 
Penny lover, you're my one desi D re        G 
Tell me baby, could this be t D rue         Em 
That I could need someone like I need yo D u          G 
Nights, warm and tender Em 
Ly Am ing next to  D  you
Gir G l, I surren Em  der
Wh Am at more can I do D 
I spent a G ll of my life i Em  n search of your love
Now there' Am s one thing I want to s D  ay
Don't y Am ou ever take your sweet love aw D  ay
Girl, I'l Am l do anything just plea D se sta G  y
I  C don't und D  erstand it
Oh, what's c G ome over me  D           G 
 C But I'm not gonna worry D 
Oh, not a G nymore D      G 
'Cause when a ma Em  n's in love
He's only got one story D         Em 
That's why my lov Am e is somewhere lost in your ki D  ss
When I'm los Am t and alone it's you that I D  miss
With a love l Am ike yours it's hard to  D  resist
Pe G nny lover, don't you walk on by D           Em 
Penny lover, don't you make me cry  D           G 


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Dernière modification : 2006-09-20
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