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 Dm(In My Secre C/E t Life F  )
 Dm(In My Secre C/E t Life F  )
 Dm(In My Secre C/E t Life F  )
 Dm(In My Secre C/E t Life F  )
 F  I saw you this morning
You were moving so fa Dm  st
Can't seem to lo Bb  osen my grip
On the pa C  st
And I mi F  ss you so much
There's no one in si Dm  ght
And we're sti Bbmaj7 ll making lov C  e
 Dm In My Secre C/E t Life F 
 Dm In My Secre C/E t Life F 
I smi F  le when I'm angry
I cheat and I li Dm  e
I do what I Bb  have to do
To get by C 
But I kno F  w what is wrong
And I know what is ri Dm  ght
And I'd di Bbmaj7 e for the trut C  h
 Dm In My Secre C/E t Life F 
 Dm In My Secre C/E t Life F 
Hold o Dm n, hold on C , my broth Bb  er
My si Dm ster, hol C d on tigh Bb  t
I fi Dm nally got C  my ord Bb  ers
I'll be ma Gm7  rching through the morning
Ma Am7  rching through the night
Mo Dm7  ving cross the borders
Of My  C  Secret Life
 F  Looked throught the paper
Makes you want to cry Dm 
Nobody ca Bb  res if the people
Live or di C  e
 F  And the dealer wants you thinking
That it's either black or whi Dm  te
Thank G- Bbmaj7  d it's not that simple
 C  In My Secret Life
 F  I bite my lip
I buy what I'm to Dm  ld
 Bb  From the latest hit
To the wisdom of o C  ld
But I'm a F  lways alone
And my heart is like i Dm  ce
And it's cro Bbmaj7 wded and col C  d
 Dm In My Secre C/E t Life F  (ad lib.)


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