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Chanson extraite de l'album "Various positions" (1984)
Paroles et musique :Leonard Cohen
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Intro :     
I've h  eard there was a   secret chord
That Da  vid played and it ple   ased the Lord
But   you don't really   care for music   do you ?   
It g  oes like this, the f  ourth, the f   ifth
The m  inor fall, the ma   jor lift
The ba  ffled King compo  sing Hallel   ujah
Hallelu  jah, Hallelu   jah
Hallelu  jah, Hallelu  -u-j  ah           
Your fa  ith was strong but you n   eeded proof
You s  aw her bathing    on the roof
Her b  eauty in the mo  onlight overthr  ew you     
She t  ied you to a kitc  hen ch   air
She b  roke your throne, and she c   ut your hair
And fr  om your lips she dr  ew the Hall   elujah
Hallelu  jah, Hallelu   jah
Hallelu  jah, Hallelu  jah                
You sa  y I took the n   ame in vain
I don  't even kn   ow the name
But i  f I did, well, r  eally, what's it   to you ?   
There's a b  laze of light in ev  ery wo   rd
It do  esn't matter wh   ich you heard
The ho  ly or the bro  ken Hallel   ujah
Hallelu  jah, Hallelu   jah
Hallelu  jah, Hallelu  jah                
I d  id my best, it w   asn't much
I cou  ldn't feel, so I tr   ied to touch
I've t  old the truth, I d  idn't come to fool y  ou     
And   even though it a  ll went wr   ong
I'll s  tand before the L   ord of Song
With   nothing on my to  ngue but Hallel   ujah
Hallel  ujah, Halle   lujah
Hallel  ujah, Hallelu-  u-ja   h
Hallel  ujah (pause) Hallel   ujah
Hallel  ujah, Hallelu-  u-ja   h
Ha  llelujah, H   allelujah
Hallel  ujah, Hallelu-  u-ja   h (2X)
Hallelu  jah, Hallel   ujah
(ad libitum)


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