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Paroles et musique :Leonard Cohen
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 Am It's four in the morning,  F  the end of December
I'm  Dm7 writing you now just to  Em7  see if you're better
 Am New York is cold, but I  F  like where I'm living
There's Dm7  music on Clinton Street  Em7  all through the evening
 Am I hear that you're Bm7  building your little  Am house deep in the d Bm7  esert
 Am7 You're living for n G  othing now
I h Am7 ope you're keeping some kind of re G  cord
Yes, and C  Jane came by with a lock of your h G  air
She said that you gave it to  Am7  her
That night that you planned to go cl Bm7 ear    G 
 F Did you ever go cle Em7 ar ?   Am       F      Em7 
Ah, the  Am last time we saw you you lo F  oked so much older
Your  Dm7 famous blue raincoat was to Em7  rn at the shoulder
You'd  Am been to the station to me F  et every train
And  Dm7 you came home without Lili Ma Em7  rlene
 Am And you treated my  Bm7 woman to a fl Am ake of your  Bm7  life
 Am7 And when she came b G  ack
She Am7  was nobody's wi G  fe
Well I  C see you there with the rose in your t G  eeth
One more thin gypsy t Am7  hief
Well I see Jane's a Bm7 wake   G 
 F She sends her rega Em7 rds    Am       F      Em7 
And what Am  can I tell you my brother, m F  y killer
What  Dm7 can I possibly say ?   Em7 
I guess  Am that I miss you, I guess I  F  forgive you
I'm g Dm7 lad you stood in my way     Em7 
 Am If you ever come by  Bm7 here, for J Am ane or for m Bm7  e
 Am7 Well, your enemy i G  s sleeping,
 Am7 And his woman is fr G  ee
Yes, and th C anks, for the trouble you to G  ok from her eyes
I thought it was t Am7  here for good
So I never tr Bm7 ied    G 
And Ja C ne came by with a lock of your ha G  ir
She said that you gave it to h Am7  er
That night that you planned to go c Bm7 lear    G 
 F Sincerely, L  Co Em7  hen


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