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A bun A ch of lonesome and very quarrelsome heroe Bm  s
 E Were smoking out E7  along the open roa A d    A4          A 
The night was very dark and thick betw Bm  een them
 E Each man beneath E7  his ordinary loa A d    A4          A 
 D      Dmaj7   "I'd  Bm like to tell m D y story"   A    Amaj7          F#m        A 
Said B  one of them so young and bold E      E7 
 D      Dmaj7 "I'd like to tell  Bm my story D      A      Amaj7          F#m        A 
Be F#m fore I turn into gold E "    E4        E      E7 
But no one really could hear him
The night so dark and thick and green
Well I guess that these heroes must always live there
Where you and I have only been
Put out your cigarette, my love
You've been alone too long
And some of us are very hungry now
To hear what it is you've done that was so wrong
I sing this for the crickets
I sing this for the army
I sing this for your children
And for all who do not need me
"I'd like to tell my story"
Said one of them so bold
"Oh yes, I'd like to tell my story
'Cos you know I feel I'm turning into gold"


Berzin, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2011-06-27
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