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Intro : D   C(sus2)   G (32000x)  D  (x2)
 D If the sun  C(sus2) refused to shine, I woul G d still be loving D  you.
When mountain C(sus2) s crumble to the sea, there wi G ll still be you and m D  e.
 Bm Kind woman, I give you m E y all, Bm  kind woman, E  nothing A  more.
 C Little drops of rain wh G  isper of the pain,
 D  Tears of loves lost in the days gone by.
 C My love is strong, w G  ith you there is no wrong,
to D  gether we shall go until we die. My, my, my.
An  Bm inspiration is what  E you are to me,  Bm inspiration, E  look... A  see.
 D   C(sus2)   G   D 
And so today, my C(sus2)  world it smiles, your G  hand in mine, we walk th D  e miles,
Thanks to you it  C(sus2) will be done, for y G ou to me are the only one.  D 
 Bm Happiness, no  E more be sad, h Bm appiness... E  I'm A  glad.
 D   C(sus2)   G   D 
If the sun ref C(sus2) used to shine, I woul G d still be loving y D  ou.
When mount C(sus2) ains crumble to the sea, there  G will still be you and D  me.


 elnadino, version 1.0


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