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Intro : D   A 
S D pent my days with a woman unkin, smoked my stuff and drank all my w A  ine
M D ade up my mind to make a new start going to California with an aching in m A  y heart
S D  omeone told me there's a girl out there
The love in her eyes and flowers in her h A  air
T D  ook my chances on a big jet plane
Never let them tell her that they're all the s A  ame
S D ea was red and the sky was grey wondered how tomorrow could ever follow tod A  ay
M D  ountains and the canyons start to tremble and shake
Children of the sun begins to aw A  ake
S Am  eems that the wrath of the Gods got a punch on the nose
And it started to flow and think it might be s E7  inking
T Am  hrow me a line if I reach it in time
I'll meet you up there where the path runs straight and h E7  igh
T D o find a queen without a king; they say she plays guitar and cries and s A  ing
R D  ide a white mare in the footsteps of dawn
Try to find a woman who's never, never, never been b A  orn
S D  tanding on a hill and a mountain of dreams
Telling myself is not as hard, hard, hard that it s A eems Bm7        A      Bm7        A 


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Dernière modification : 2007-03-07
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