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Intro : D   C   G  (4x)
 C Watch  G closely D  now C  - a G re you watching me now D  ?   C      G 
 D  Your eyes are like fingers
 C They're touching my body and G  arousing my soul
 D Ridin'the passion ar C  isin'inside me
 G  How high can I go ?
 D You're comin'with me C  girl
I'm gonna show you h G  ow
 D When it's scary C , do G n't look do D  wn
 C Watch c G losely n D ow - C  are G  you watching me no D w ?  C      G 
I s D ee the hunger a C rise in your eyes and it's  G  a-urging me on
Hi D gher and harder and f C  aster and farther
Than I've  G  ever gone
Yo D u're comin'closer la C  dy
Don't ya leave me  G  now
We D  're gonna make it
 C Don't G  look D  down
 Bb Maybe I'm takin'me  Dm  too many chances
With no net at  C  all
 Bb Maybe I'll teach you at l Dm  east that
You've got to be free wh C en you fa D ll   C      G      D 
Watch closely now D  - a C re y G ou watching me now ?  D      C      G 
 D I'm the master magician,  C  who's setting you free
 G  From the lies you've been told
 D When they're breaking your  C  back
Bring your last straw to me
I t G  urn straw into gold
 D I'm gonna need you  C  later
When you're not ar G  ound
 D But I can take C  it
 G Don't look  D  down
 C Watch cl G osely  D  now
 C Are you wa G tching me D  now ?...


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