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 D I was stumblin' bumblin' down the G  m neon Music City sidewalks
With a J A unkie and a Juicehead who had  G problems of their o D  wn
Stuck with luck that kept me standin' just a  G  step away from starvin'
And some t A alent that I swore I'd show bef G ore I'd go back h D  ome
80 d G  ays out of the Army, makin' neither love nor money
And my o D nly set of clothes was gettin' c A loser to the  A7  bone
Then the J D unkie placed an order with the p G  rophet on the corner
While he to A ld us of the soul that he'd been s G ellin' for a so D  ng
He said my  G fortune was my future but I  D  let it slip away
Slowly s A mokin' myself broke on 80 ci D  garettes a day
 G Findin' out that crime ain't all there  D  is that doesn't pay
And wri G tin' songs for no one but mys A elf, (strum)  and the Juicehead who said
 G If I can read my fortune, in the bo D  ttom of a glass
Then  A I can see it's time for me to  D  make my last request
Will you  G fill my grave with whiskey when I'm  D  laid away to rest
So the  A boys can say I drank my way to h D  ell
Well I d D rank the whole thing over, put  G  1 and 2 together
And it a A ddered up to more of what I d G idn't wanna  D  be
I ain't  D blamin' Music City but it's  G  only gonna see me
One more  A work day and a wake up and the  G time it takes to l D  eave
'Cause I  G  got a dirty picture of what could've been my future
In a p D rophet pushin' daydreams on a  A corner for a f A7  ee
And a w D ino lookin' lonely at a b G  ottle gettin' empty
And a hu A ngry lookin' Junkie hauntin' t G ea and sympath D  y
And I  G bet that Junkie's laughin' at the l D  ife he threw away
While he's s A mokin' himself broke on 80 c D  igarettes a day
 G Pleadin' down the prophet to a p D  rice that he can pay
And  G writin' words that no one's gonna  A see, (strum)  but the Juicehead who said
 G Every empty bottle is his p D  rivate chrystal ball
Where he s A tares into the future findin' no D  thin' there at all
Which is  G all I'll miss tomorrow when them  D  neon shadows fall
On a J A unkie and a Juicehead minus  D  me


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