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Intro : D   C   G 
It was  D 1989 C , my thoughts were  G  short my hair was long
 D Caught somewhere b C etween a boy an G  d man
 D She was  C 17 and she wa G  s far from in between
It was  D summertime in C  Norther G  n Michigan
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Spl D ashin'thru the  C sandbar,  G  talkin'by the campfire
It's the s D imple things in  C life like when and G  where
We d D idn't have no C  internet, bu G  t man I never will forget
The  D way the moonlight C  shined upon he G  r hair
And we were  D tryin'different  C things and we were G  smokin'funny things
Makin'l D ove out by the  C lake to our favorite G  songs
Sippin'w D hisky out the  C bottle not G  thinkin''bout tomorrow
Singin's D weet home ala C bama all G  summer long D      C      G 
Singin's D weet home ala C bama all G  summer long
Catchin'w D alleye from the  C dock watchin' G  waves roll off the rocks
She'll for D ever hold a s C pot inside my G  soul
We'd b D lister in the C  sun we couldn' G  t wait for night to come
To  D hit that sandy C  place of rock ' G  n roll
Now  D nothin'seems as  C strange as when the G  leaves began to change
Oh  D how we thought those C  days would neve G  r end
Some D times I hear that C  song and I'l G  l start to sing along
And think  D man I'd like to C  see that girl  G  again
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