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Paroles et musique :Kevin Parent
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Intro : E 
 E/G# I went to play on St-John's Street.
 A I was hopin E/G#  g that you would come and see me,
 A  and we could finally meet.
 E/G# But you never show up, even though I pl A ayed a whole week.  B4 
Well E/G#  You must have someone, I hope that he A  's a nice guy.
Yes  E/G# I hope that someone knows how  A  to make you smile.
And  E/G# when you're down, he holds you  A  when you cry.
Witho E/G# ut having a reason, without A  even asking why.
Cause I know, y F#maj7 ou have sorrow in your eyes.  E 
And I know, th F#maj7 at it's been there for a long long wh E  ile.
And I know, bu F#maj7 t I don't mind,  A(add9) so do I, we' B7 re both the same kind. E 
 E/G# I saw you, a few years ago. but for yo A  u, I was only a child.
You pr E/G# obably don't remember me, but I do, you su A  re made me shy.
caus E/G# e was when my feelings meant more than sex,    A 
those were the times.  Your bea E/G#  uty caressed my inside,
like a warm  A summer wind blowing on chimes.
 F#maj7 But now I see the sorrow in your eyes.       E 
And I know F#maj7  that it's been there for a long long wh E  ile.
and I know, F#maj7  but I don't  A(add9) mind, so do I, B7  we're both the same k E ind. A      F#maj7           E 
 E And as I savour t E/G# his bottle of wi A ne.
 E I'll try to for E/G# get this cruel A  world full of crime.
And I'll s E ure think of you for c E/G# omfort o A  nce and a while.
And e E ven if I'm not in y E/G# our heart,  A  well you're in mine.
Cause I kno F#maj7 w, you have sorrow in your eyes.   E 
And I kno F#maj7 w that it's been there for a long lo E ng while.
And I  F#maj7 know, but I don't m A(add9)  ind, so do I,
 B7 we're both the same kin E d.  Y A es we're both the same kind.
 F#maj7   E   E/G#   A   B4   E 


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