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You've painted up  C your lips and rolled and cur F led your tinted G  hair  Dm 
 C Ruby are you contempl F ating going  G  out somewhere
The Dm  shadow on the wall tells G  me the sun is going down
Oh  C Ruby F  - - Dm(Stop) don't take your love to C  town
Its hard to love a C  man whose legs are bent and F  paralyzed      G        Dm 
 C And the wants and the F  needs of a  G  woman your age, Ruby I realize
But Dm  it won't be long I've he G  ard them say until I not around
Oh  C Ruby F  - - Dm(Stop) don't take your love to C  town
It  Dm wasn't me that started th C  at old crazy asian war
But Dm  I was proud to go and F  do my pa G  triotic chore
And Dm  yes, it's true that I'm  G  not the man I used to be...
Oh  C Ruby F  - - Dm(Stop) I still need some c C  ompany
She's leavin' now  C 'cause I heard the slammin'  F of the door     G        Dm 
 C The way I know I've h F eard it slam G  one hundred times before
And Dm  if I could move I'd get  G  my gun and put her in the ground
Oh  C Ruby F  - - Dm(Stop) For god's sake turn aro C  und


Maryo, version 1.0


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Dernière modification : 2019-06-27
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