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Intro :  
  Lady, I'm your knight   in shining armour and   I love you             
You have made m  e what I am and …. I   am yours                  
My love, there's so many ways   I want to say I l  ove you            
Let me hold   you in my arms for  …ever more              
You have gone   and made me suc  h a fool                   
  I'm so   lost in   your lov  e
And o  h!  we   belong t  ogether    
  Won't you believe   in my song               
  Lady, for so many   years I thought I'  d never find you          
You have come in  to my life and …   made me whole                 
Forever let me wake to   see you each and ever  y morning                   
Let me hear   you whisper sof  tly … in my ear             
In   my eyes I see n  o one e  lse but you  
  There's   no other love like o  ur love     
And ye  s, oh! yes I'll alway  s want you near me           
  I've waited for you f  or so long             
  Lady, y  our love's the on  ly love I   need               
And beside   me i  s where I want   you to b  e                  
'Cause my l  ove there i  s something I want you   to kno  w                     
You're the love   of  my   life,    you're   my lady                             


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