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Intro :   (     -  ) (x3)
   I been working so hard    k  eep punching my card     eig  ht hours for what?            
oh, tell me what I got   I get this feeling that time's just holding me down  
   I'll hit the ceiling      or else I'll tear up this t  own                toni  ght I gotta cut
  Loose,   -  footloose   kick off your Sunday s  hoes please,   Loui  se pu  ll me offa my kne  es jack
  -  get back C'  mon before we c  rack lose   your -    bl  ues   everybody cut footl  oose
   You're playing so cool    ob  eying every rule    dig   way down in your heart             
you're yearning burning for some   somebody to tell you that life ain't passing your b  y
   I'm trying to tell you      It will if you don't even tr  y                
you can fl  y if you'd only cut


Dodoplessis, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
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