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  I will not   make the same   mistakes that you   did
  I will not   let myself,   cause my heart so much mise  ry
  I will not   break the   way you did, you fell so   hard
  I've learned the hard   way, to never   let it get that   far
Because of   you, I never   stray too far from the side  walk
Because of   you, I learned to play on the safe side   so I don't get   hurt
Because of   you, I find it hard to   trust not only   me, but everyone around   me
Because of   you, I am   afraid
  I lose my   way, and it's not   too long before   you point it   out
I cannot   cry,   because you know that's weakness   in your   eyes
I'm forced to   fake, a smile, a laugh every  day of my   life
My heart can't possibly   break, when it wasn't   even whole to start   with
I watched you   die, I heard you   cry every night in your   sleep
I was so   young, you should have known   better than to lean on   me
You never   thought of anyone   else, you just saw your   pain
And now I   cry in the middle of the   night, for the   same   damn   thing
Because of   you, I never stray   too far from the side  walk
Because of   you, I learned to play on the safe   side so I don't get   hurt
Because of   you, I try my hardest just   to forget every  thing
Because of   you, I don't   know how to let anyone else   in
Because of   you, I'm ashamed of my life   because it's emp  ty
Because of   you,            I am a  fraid
Because of   you, ooh,   oohhh,   ohhh
Because of   you, ooh,   oohhh, ohhh


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Dernière modification : 2006-12-14
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