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Intro : F   Bb   F   Bb 
Mis F sing the train every morning at 8 Bb   :52
Sip F ping coffee from the same cup as  Dm  you
The F  sharing of secrets we thought no-one else k Bb  new
That's w F hat  Dm I miss about y F  ou
 F The new way that love had made me Bb  see
 F Your bashful grin when you asked if I would like your Dm  key
 F The knowing way you use to caress Bb  me
That's w F hat  Dm I miss about y F  ou
You st F ole in with your st Bb arry smile ex Dm citing m F  e
Dr F iving with you in your  Bb new car, fe Dm eling fr F  ee
An F d if it's tr Bb ue that love is blind, then I was b Dm lind will F  ingly
You m F ade me feel we had a fu Bb ture, that co Dm uld be and woul F  d be
The w F ay you said I'd be no-one on my o Bb  wn
Your ha F bit of soaking yourself in over-priced co Dm  logne
The w F ay you turned the light out when I knew you were h Bb  ome
That's w F hat  Dm I don't miss about y F  ou
I b F et your using your w Bb eary magic l Dm ike it's n F  ew
Dri F ving so fast with a  Bb new fool be Dm side you  F 
Pre F sumably believing sh Bb e's the las Dm t of the lucky F  few
I w F onder if she knows  Bb she being lie Dm d to like I  F  do
The  F way I only doubte Bb d myself when  Dm I was with y F  ou
Like F  I was wrong for e Bb xpecting somet Dm hing from lif F  e too
Your  F skill of putting me  Bb down in front of ev Dm eryone we kn F  ew
That's wh F at I Dm  don't miss about y F  ou
 F   Bb   F   Bb 


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