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Paroles et musique :Catherine Bush
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Intro : Bm   Em   F#m 
 Bm Our lit Em  tle army boy
Is comi F#m  ng home from b.f.p.o.
 Bm Ive a b Em  unch of purple flowers
To deco F#m  rate a mammys hero.
 Bm Mournin Em  g in the aero      drome,
The wea F#m  ther warmer, he is colder.
 Bm Four me Em  n in uniform
To carr F#m  y home my little soldier.
 Bm  What could he do ?
 E Should D  have been a rock star.
But he  F# didnt h Bm  ave the money for a guitar
 Bm  What could he do ?
 E Should D  have been a politician.
But he  F# never h Bm  ad a proper education.
 Bm  What could he do ?
 E Should D  have been a father.
But he  F# never e Bm  ven made it to his twenties.
What a  D  waste --
 G Army d Bm  reamers.
 G Ooh, wha D6/9  t a waste of
 G Army d Bm reamers G  .
Tears oer a tin box.
Oh, jesus christ, he wasnt to know,
Like a chicken with a fox,
He couldnt win the war with ego.
Give the kid the pick of pips,
And give him all your stripes and ribbons.
Now hes sitting in his hole,
He might as well have buttons and bows.


gilam, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2010-12-31
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