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Intro :                         
   I clo  se my e  yes,      
  only for   a moment, and t  he moment's gone   
  All my   dreams,   
pa  ss before   my eyes, a c   uriosity
    Dust   in the   wind  ,    all   they ar  e is dus  t in the   wind.    
  Same   old so   ng,
ju  st a drop o  f water in an end  less sea   
  All   we do,  
cr  umbles to the   ground, though w   e refuse to see
    Dust   in the   wind  ,      al  l they   are is   dust in   the wind   
  Now Don  't hang    on,
not  hing last  s forever but the   earth and sky  
It s  lips aw  ay,       
an  d all you  r money won't anot   her minute buy.
   Dust i  n the   wind,        al  l they   are is   dust in   the wind
  Dust in   the w  ind,          a  ll they a  re is   dust in    the wind


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