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Paroles :Hompson George Christopher T
Musique :Erik Sitbon
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 C George died in th Am e fifth  C grade Am 
No o C ne ever  Am knew  F  why
 C He was ou Am t selli C ng lemo Am  nade
 C On the Fou Am rth of Jul F y and he d E  ied
 C Sister  Am Claire sai C d that  Am  he was
 C An a Am ngel on F  earth
 C She sto Am od there an C d she to Am  ld us
 C She had c Am learly re F hearsed every E  verse
Of the  Am lies  G that F  tie yo E  u down
There are times when a man feels
That it's him against the world
There are times when a man steals
From the love of his girl
There are days when a beast dies
Long before the gun
And there are days when a crow flies
Straight into the sun, to be done
With the lies that tie you down
I've forgotten my first love
I haven't seen her since when
There's a bum on the corner
He thinks that I'm his best friend, we pretend
He says the rapture is anyday
That's when God's coming around
Although perhaps he should stay away
They'll run him right out of town, like a clown
With the lies that tie you down
The lies that tie you down (x2)


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