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 C Just a  G small town girl,  Am living in a l F  onely world
 C She took the G  midnight train going  Em anywh F  ere
 C Just a  G city boy,  Am   born and raised F  in south Detroit
 C He took the  G midnight train going a Em nywhe F  re
 C A singer in G  a smoky room Am ,   a smell of  F  wine and cheap perfume
 C For a smile  G they can share the nig Em ht,it goes on F  and on and on and on
 F Strangers   waiting    C  up and down the boulevard
Their  F shadows   searching in the C  night
 F Streetlight, people,  C  living just to find emotion
 F Hiding,   somewhere   in the  G  night
 C Working hard to  G get my fill, Am    everybody F  wants a thrill
Pay C ing anything to  G roll the dice, just  Em one mor F  e time
 C Some will win G , some will l Am ose, some were F  born to sing the blues
Oh C , the movie  G never ends; it goes  Em on and on and F  on and on
 C Don't stop be G lievin   h Am old on to the fe F  eling
 C Streetlight G  people Em 


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