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Paroles et musique :Joseph Lyburn Arthur
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Y  ou must destroy
All who you employ
To pro  tect your last invention
Work h  ard its destruction
Ignore your good i  ntention
You must ignore the wrong voice
Whose voice
A   peculiar choice
Well I'm s  ure
You and I can't re  member
Living like a backwards trainwreck
trying to d  isguise the deceit
Intrinsic in our step
When love's g  ot us by the neck
Why can't we just sur  render
I  'll be quiet
I won't wake you u  p
I  'll be quiet
I won't wake you u  p
Don't whine
Drink wine
Like terpentine
Cleaning out your i  nside in line
From your t  oes up through your spine
Pretend you're a c  onductor
Maestro without music
God without man
M  e without you
Holding your hand
F  alling like a leaf
Crying like a m  an
W  e silently confess through open eyes
Setting fire t  o the web spun right behind
I  n my mind's a spider
And in your heart's a f  ly
When you're meek you are malicious
Like a tame dog g  rowing vicious
S  omehow still suspicious
Faithlessly r  eligious


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Dernière modification : 2022-11-25
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