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Paroles et musique :Joseph Lyburn Arthur
Capo II
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I  'll be silent in my s  olitude
C  an't find my smile or my g  ratitude
I  'm afraid of what I   might do
C  ause there's no me if there's no   me and you
I   wish that I could op  en up your eyes
T  o feel the sun that burned i  n your mind   
I   can't deal with what y  ou have done
R  eincarnate I wonder w  ho I might become
W  ith the potential of a l  oaded gun
I   could be as fresh as hard b  ubble gum
I   don't have nothing now I w  ant me some
F  irst some of you then some of e  veryone
O  h darling since you've been aw  ay from me
I   know how the pins feel in the b  owling alley
T  hey say love is something you f  eel but never see
W  hen I see you I firmly d  isagree
I  'm just trying to be all that I   can be
W  ithout destroying you now or j  oining the army    
Y  our ashes must be blowing e  verywhere
C  ause I could still feel you and you're n  owhere near
A  nd though you didn't say so I can tell that y  ou still care
W  e could've had it all but then n  othing is fair
I   still think about wash  ing your hair
I   wish i could've washed away a  ll of your despair


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