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Paroles et musique :Joni Mitchell
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I sle G pt l /     ast n F /ight in a good Em7 // hotel
I went s Am7 hoppin /    g to C /day for  F /jewel C /s     / 
The wind G  rus /     hed a F /round the dirt Em7 //y town
And the chi Am7 ldren l /   et  C /out from their  F /schoo C //ls
I was stand Am ing o /   n a A9 / noisy co G //rner
I was wait C/G ing for t /  he G / walking gr F / Em7 / D // een
Acr G /oss the street he st F /ood
And he pl Em7 ayed r // eal good
On his c Am /larine C /t for fr F / C // ee 
Now me I play for fortunes
And those velvet curtain calls
I got a black limousine and about two gentleman
Escorting me to this halls
And I'll play if you have some money
Or if you're a friend to me
But that one-man band by the quick lunch stand
He was just playin'real good for free
Nobody stopped to hear him
Though he played so sweet and high
H knew he had never been on the TV
But he passed his music by
Me I meant to go over ask for a song
Maybe put on a harmony
I heard his refrain as the signals changed
He was playin' Am /real good for fr C /ee         F / C / Em7 //                 D4/A        // Am7          ...  


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