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Paroles et musique :Joni Mitchell
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Intro:  G   Am7   Em7   Am7 
 G Bows and flows of a C ngel ha G ir, and  Gmaj7 ice cream castles i C n the ai G  r,
And feather  G/F# canyons  C every C/B where-I've loo Am7 ked at clouds that w D  ay.
But n G ow they only b C lock the  G sun, they  Gmaj7 rain and snow on  C every G  one.
So many t G/F# hings I wo C uld have d C/B one, but cl Am7 ouds got in the wa D  y.
I've l G ooked at clouds from b C oth sides n G  ow,
From u C p and d G own, and st C ill someh G  ow
It's c Gmaj7 louds il Am7 lusions  G I re Em call; I real C ly don't know cl D ouds at a G  ll.
 G Moons and Junes and f C erris wh G eels, the d Gmaj7 izzy dancing w C ay you fe G  el
When every  G/F# fairy t C ale comes re C/B al - I've loo Am7 ked at love that way D  .
But n G ow it's just an C other sh G ow, you leave 'em l Gmaj7 aughing  C as you g G  o,
And if you c G/F# are, don't  C let them k C/B now,   Am7   don't give yourself away D  .
I've lo G oked at love from b C oth sides n G  ow,
From gi C ve and ta G ke, and st C ill someh G  ow,
It's  Gmaj7 love's il Am7 lusions  G I rec Em all; I r C eally don't know l D ove at a G  ll.
 G Tears and fears and f C eeling p G roud to  Gmaj7 say "I love you" r C ight out l G  oud;
Dreams and  G/F# schemes and  C circus  C/B crowds Am7  - I've looked at life that wa D  y.
But n G ow old friends are a C cting str G  ange,
They  G shake their  Gmaj7 heads and s C ay I've cha G  nged,
But so G/F# mething's l Em ost and s C omething's g C/B ained   Am7   from living every d D  ay.
 G I've looked at life from  C both sides  G  now,
From w C in and l G ose, and st C ill some G  how,
It's  Gmaj7 life's i Am7 llusions  G I rec Em all; I  C really  C/B don't know li D fe at a G  ll.


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