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Capo IV
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Intro :            (2x)
Baby is b  orn, mama cr  ies
She sees a g  limpse of his daddy there in   his eyes
Take him h  ome and watch him sl  eep
Stand and w  onder who he's go  nna be
Then it's T  onka trucks and ba  seball gloves
Then his f  irst kiss and hi  s first love
Oh the i  nnocence ju  st don't last
Our d  reams that I feel just go by   so fast
Mountains m  ove, rivers ru  n
Shadows f  all with the setting su  n
Thunder r  olls and lightning st  rikes
The darkness c  overs and swallows up the li  ght...and time fli  es
An old man sits alone
Trying hard to remember but his memory's is gone
Upon the wall trapped under glass inside a frame
Hangs a picture of couple on their wedding day
She looks in his eyes, the world looks great
His life was full of color but colors fade away
  We all laugh and we all cry
  We all live and we all die
  But through it all and in betw  een
Time f  lies      
Time f  lies      
Time f  lies      
Time f  lies      


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