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Intro :              
Sh  e had blue eyes, the c  olor
  Of Amarillo ski  es in summer
And when we'd fly
Her ha  ir would wrap around me  
Th  e smell of leather an  d gasoline
  A little danger sitting n  ext to me
And when I was with her
  Man, I'd never felt so a  live
Sky was re  d, I was gre  en
Road was bl  ack, seventee  n
She was fa  st, I was slow  
She was a  ll I could hold  
Summer fl  ew, she was go  ne
Little di  d I know my he  art could go
From sixty to zero
We'd sit in my car night after night
Watchin'the stars as they flew by
We'd go 'round the world at the speed of light
And never turn the key
Still I wonder where she might be
And if she ever stops and thinks about me
'Cause God knows
I sure think about her
F S/A              rom sixty to zer  o                     
Sixty to ze  ro            
         We lo  ved and laughed enough t  o last a lifetime  
  But at least for a lit  tle while she was mi  ne


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