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They g  ive him his orders at Monroe   Virginia
Saying S  teve you're way behind t  ime
This is n  ot 38 but this is O  ld 97
P  ut her in S  pencer on t  ime
Then he looked around and said to his b  lack greasy fireman
Just s  hovel on a little more c  oal
And w  hen we cross that W  hite Oak Mountain
Y  ou can w  atch Old 97 r  oll
And when a telegram comes from W  ashington Station
And t  his is how it r  ead
Oh that b  rave engineers that r  un old 97
I  s lying in old D  anville d  ead
He was going down grade making 9  0 miles an hour
When h  is whistle broke into a s  cream
He was f  ound in the wreck with his h  and on the throttle
And w  as scalded to d  eath by the s  team
Now ladies you must t  ake warning
From t  his time on and l  earn
Never s  peak harsh words to your t  rue loving husband
H  e may leave you a  nd never r  eturn


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