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T  he face of truth is open   
T  he eyes of t  ruth are bright
The lips of truth are never closed
The head of truth is u  pright    
The breast of t  ruth stands forward
The gaze of t  ruth is s  traight
T  ruth has neither fear nor doubt
Truth has p  atience to w  ait         
The words of t  ruth are touching
The voice of t  ruth is deep
The law of truth is simple
All you s  ow you reap          
The s  oul of truth is flaming
The h  eart of t  ruth is warm
The mind of truth is clear    
And stands f  irm in every storm        
F  acts are only in shadow
T  ruth stands above a  ll sin
And though great be the battles of life
Truth in the end shall w  in          
The life of t  ruth is eternal
Immortal i  s its paths  
The power of truth shall endure
Truth shall hold to the l  ast              
The image of t  ruth is a cross
Wisdom's messages r  ight
The sign of the truth is Christ        
And the soul of t  ruth is God


billebault, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2022-10-05
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