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I   was a stumble bummin' down the n  eon Music City sidewalks
With the Jun  kie and the Juicehead who had pro  blems of their own
S  tuck with luck it kept me standin' just a st  ep away from starvin'
And the tal  ent that I swore I'd show bef  ore I'd go ba  ck home
Ninety da  ys I looked the army makin' neither love nor money
And my on  ly set of clothes was gettin' clo  ser to the bo  ne
And th  e Junkie placed an order with the Pro  phet on the corner
And he to  ld him of the so  ul that he  'd been sel  lin' for a so  ng
He said my fut  ure was my fortune but I le  t it slip away
Slowly smo  kin' myself broke on eighty ciga  rettes a day
Findin' o  ut that crime ain't all there i  s that doesn't pay
And wri  tin' words that no one's gonna see but did yo  u said it who sa  id it
I can read my fortune in the bot  tom of a glass
And I ca  n see it's time for me to mak  e my last request
Won't you fi  ll my grave with whiskey when I'm laid aw  ay to rest
So the boys ca  n say I drank myself to dea  d
Well I dra  nk the who  le thing over puttin' one and tw  o together
And it add  ed up to mo  re of what I   didn't wa  nt to be
I ai  n't blamin' Music City but it's on  ly gonna see me
One more da  y and the wake up and the time it tak  es to lea  ve
Cause I g  ot a dirty picture of what could have been my future
In a P  rophet pushin' day dreams on   a corner for a fee
A  nd the wino lo  okin' lonely at a bottle get  tin' empty
And a hun  gry lookin' junkie huntin' te  a in sympathy  
And I bet tha  t junkie's laughin' after the life he thr  ew away
Slowly smokin' hi  mself broke on eighty cig  arettes a day
Pleadin' do  wn the Prophet to a price th  at he can pay
And writin' w  ords that no one's gonna see b  ut did you said it who said it
E  very empty bottle i  s my private crys  tal ball
And starin' in  to the future findin' nothin' the  re at all
Which is what I'  ll miss tomorrow when the neo  n shadows fall
On the Junkie an  d the Juicehead minus me


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