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  After seven years behind    these bars    together
  I'll miss you more than a    brother when you go    when you go
  If only I had not tried to escape   
  They'd barred me with you I know    yes I know
  Won't you tell the folks back    home I'll soon be    coming
  And don't let them know I    never will be free    be free
  Sometimes write and tell me how they're doing   
  And send a picture of mother back to me   
  Say hello to Dad and shake his    poor hardworking hand
  And send a picture of mother if you can   
I  'm happy for you that you   got your fre  edom
B  ut stay with me just anothe  r minute or so or so  
A  fter all this sweating blood togeth  er
W  ho'll be my fighting partner when   you go when you go
T  he hardest time will be on Sund  ay morning          
C  hurch bells will ring on He  aven Hill Heaven Hil  l
P  lease ask Reverend Garrett to pray for me       
A  nd send a picture of mother if you will   
S  ay hello to Dad and shake his po  or hardworking hand
A  nd send a picture of mother if you can     


billebault, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2022-10-10
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