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 N.C.  I got   cotton in the    bottom land
It's up and growin' and I    got a good stand
My good wife and them    kids of mine
Gonna get new shoes come    Pickin' Time ...
  Get new shoes come    Pickin' Time.
  Ev'ry night when I    go to bed
I thank the Lord that my    kids are fed
They live on beans eight    days and nine ...
But I get 'em fat come    Pickin' Time
  Get 'em fat come come    Pickin' Time.
T  he corn is yellow an  d the beans are high
The sun is hot in the su  mmer sky
The work is hard til layin  ' by ...
Layin' by til Pickin' Ti  me
L  ayin' by til Pickin' Ti  me.
I  t's hard to see by t  he coal-oil light
And I turn it off purty   early at night
'Cause a jug of coal-oil c  osts a dime ...
But I stay up late come   Pickin' Time
S  tay up late come Pickin  ' Time.
M  y old wagon barely g  ets me to town
I patched the wheels and   I watered 'em down
Keep her in shape so she'l  l be fine ...
To haul my cotton come P  ickin' Time
H  aul my cotton come Pick  in' Time.
L  ast Sunday mornin' w  hen they passed the hat
It was still nearly empt  y back where I sat
But the preacher smiled an  d said that's fine ...
The Lord'll wait til Pic  kin' Time
T  he Lord'll wait til Pic  kin' Time.


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