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Intro :         (4x)
  They come from the    cities
And they   come from the s  maller towns                    
  Beat up cars   with guitar   s and drummers
  Goin c  rack   boom    bam
Refrain :
  R.o.  c.k. in the   U.S.A   .
  R.o.  c.k. in the   U.S.A   .
  R.o.  c.k. in the   U.S.A  ., yeah, yeah    !
Rockin'in the U.S.A.                     (2x)
  Said goodbye to t   heir families
Sa  id goodbye to t  heir fri  ends              
  With pipe dreams i   n their heads
  And very little mon  ey in their han  ds                
  Some are bl  ack and so  me are wh   ite
  Ain't to proud to   sleep on the fl  oor toni   ght
  With the   blind faith of   jesus you k  now that they just might,   be
Rockin'in the U.S.A.
Hey !
  Voices from    nowhere
And v  oices from th  e larger   town  s           
  Filled our he  ad full of d   reams
  Turned the world   upside d  own         
  There was frankie l  yman-bobby fuller-mi   tch ryder
(they were rockin')
  Jackie wilson-sh  angra-las-young   rascals
(they were rockin')
  Spotlight on m   artha reeves
  Let's don'  t forget james bro   wn
Rockin'in the U.S.A.
Rockin'in the U.S.A.
Hey !
Refrain :
  R.o.  c.k. in the   U.S.A   .
  R.o.  c.k. in the   U.S.A   .
  R.o.  c.k. in the   U.S.A   ., yeah, yeah !
  Rock  in'in the U.  S.A.   


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