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Paroles et musique :Jimmy Dean
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  Every m G oning at the mine you could see him arri F  ve
  He stood s G ix foot six and weighed 245  F 
  Kinda b G road at the shoulder and narrow at the hi F  p
  And e G verybody knew you didn't give no li F p to Big Joh G  n.
  Big J Em ohn, Big J C aw--wo D n, Big Bad Joh G  n.
  Nobody seemed to know where John called home
  He just drifted into town and stayed all alone
  Didn't say much a-kinda quiet and shy
  And if you spoke at all you just said high to Big John
  Somebody said he came down from New Orleans
  Where he got in a fight over a Cajun Queen
  And a crashing blow from a huge right hand
  Sent a Louisiana fellow to the Promised Land Big John
  Then c Ab ame one day at the bottom of the mi Gb  ne
  When a t Ab imber cracked and the men started cr Gb  ying
  Ab  Miners were paraying and their hearts beat  Gb  fast
  And e Ab verybody thought they'd breathed their la Gb st 'cept Joh Ab  n
  Through the d Ab ust and the smoke of this man made He Gb  ll
  Walked a g Ab iant of a man that the miners knew we Gb  ll
  Grabbed a s Ab agging timber and gave out with a gr Gb  oan
  And like a g Ab iant oak tree just stood there alo Gb ne Big Joh Ab  n
  Big J Fm ohn, Big J Db aw--wo Eb n, Big Bad Joh Ab  n
  With a A ll of his strength he gave a mighty sh G  ove
  Then a m A iner yelled out "There's a light up abo G  ve
  And 2 A 0 men scrambled from w would be gr G  ave
  Now there's o A nly one left down there to sa G ve Big Joh A  n
  With j A acks and timbers they started back do G  wn
  Then c A ame that rumble way down in the gr G  ound
  And s A moke and gas belched from outta that mi G  ne
  A  Everybody knew it was the end of the  G line for Big J A  ohn
  Big J F#m ohn, Big Ja D w--won E , Big Bad John A  .
  Now they never re-opened that worthless pit
  They just placed a marble stand in front of it
  These few lines are written on that stand
  "At the bottom of this mine, lies one Helluva man.--BIG JOHN".


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