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Whic  h way a  re you goin,which sid  e will you be on?
Wi  ll you stand a wa  tch while all the se  eds of hate are so  wn?
W  ill you stand with t  hose who say "  let his will be   done"  ?
On  e hand on the b  ible on  e hand on the gu  n
On  e hand on the bi  ble one   hand on the gu  n
Wh  ich way are you lo  okin is   it hard to se  e?
D  o you say whats wr  ong for him is  nt wrong for m  e
Yo  u walk the streets of righte  ousness but refu  se to under  stand  
Yo  u say you love the ba  by then you cru  cify the m  an
Yo  u say you love the ba  by then you cru  cify the m  an
Ev  eryday thingsare changin wo  rds once honored t  urned t  o li  es
P  eople wonderin ca  n you blame them
It  s too far to run   too late to h  ide   
So   now you've turned your b  ack on the th  ings you used to p  reach
No  w its let him live in fr  eedom if   he lives like m  e
Well you l  ine has changed conf  usion reigns what'  ve you be  come   
Oh   your olive branch has tu  rned to spears
Wh  en your flowers turned to gu  ns
Oh   your olive branch has tur  ned to spears
W  henyour flowers turned to gu  ns


MaryoMaryo, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2016-10-14
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