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Y Am ou took your  F coat off and stood in th C  e rain,
You were always c G  razy like that
I Am  watched from my  F  window,
always felt I was o C utside looking i G  n on you
You were al Am  ways the mysterious one
with d F  ark eyes and careless hair,
You were fa C shionably sensitive, but too  G  cool to care
Then you s Am tood in my  F doorway, with nothing t C  o say
besides some c G  omment on the weather
Well in ca Dm  se you failed to notice,
In ca F  se you failed to see,
T C  his is my heart bleeding before you,
T G  his is me down on my knees
T F hese foolish  G games ar C e te G aring  F  me apart
Y F ou're thoughtless G  words ar C e bre G aking  F  my heart
You're breaking m Am  y heart
You were always b Am rilliant in the  F  morning
Smoking your c C igarettes,  G  talking over coffee
You philoso Am phies on art, Baroque mo F  ved you,
You loved Mozart and you'd sp C  eak of your loved ones
As I cl G  umsily strummed my guitar
Y Am  ou'd teach me of honest things
T F  hings that were daring, things that were clean
T C hings that knew what an honest do G  llar did mean
So I hi Am d my soiled hands behind my  F  back
S C omewhere along the line I must've go G  ne off track with you
E Dm xcuse me, think I've mistaken you for  F  somebody else
S C  omebody who gave a damn,
S G  omebody more like myself
 D   F   C   G 
Y D ou took your  F coat off and stood in th C  e rain,
you were always crazy like th G  at...


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