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Paroles et musique :Buckley Jeff, Matthew Lee Johnson, Tighe Michael, Grondahl Michael C
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Intro :                    
L  ady all the t  roubles are my fright I disgust y  ou.   
F  eel the p  ower. You cut the truth into y  ou.
Why? Do you t  hink I'd hidden out? On this r  ely
I could kiss you with l  ines of escape in my m  outh  .                        
P  lease let me b  ring back this gifts of mine t  o the wom  an.  
H  is eyes shined on my b  ack as I slept and k  new y  ou.  
You d  idn't l  eave it a  ll. Yo  u made an even c  all.
My b  elly released the s  tars   and te  ars between the sc  ars.               
We're w  here we belong it should end here
U  ntil the end of time
B  eyond the m  oment that e  nds our bondage.
I   am your failed h  usband contender
I'm your l  oan shark of b  liss.
This dream you've ridden o  n turns your w  orld to explos  ions
Y  ou need to be alo  ne to heal this bleeding st  one.
N  ow sm  ell the rain of L  ondon it s  till insists
That we beg f  or our p  urity  .
As if we   are   pure in th  e rai  n of our   contentment
As if I can t  hink o  f
t  his n  o mo  re.


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