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L  ooking out the door
I see the rain fall upon the fu  neral m  ourners
Para  ding in a wake of sad relations
as their shoes fill u  p with wat  er
And ma  ybe I'm too yo  ung
To ke  ep good love f  rom going wr  ong
But to  night you're on my mind s   (you'll never know)
I'm br  oken down and hungry for your love
With no w  ay to fe  ed it
Wh  ere are you tonight?
Child you know how mu  ch I n  eed it.
T  oo young to hold o  n
And too o  ld to just b  reak free and r  un
S  ometimes a man gets ca  rried away
When he fe  els like he should be having his fu  n
And much too bl  ind to see the damage he's d  one
So  metimes a man must awake to find that re  ally
He has no-  one...
S  o I'll wait for you..  . And I'll burn oh
W  ill I ever see your s  weet return
  oh/or will I eve  r learn  ?
L  over you should've come o  ver
'Cause it's not too la  te.
L  onely is the room the bed is made
The open window l  ets the r  ain in
B  urning in the corner is the only one
who dreams he h  ad you w  ith him
M  y body tu  rns and yearns for a sl  eep
that will ne  ver co  me
I  t's never ov  er
my kingdom for a kiss upo  n her sh  oulder
It's never ov  er all my riches for her smiles
when I slept so so  ft agai  nst her...
It's never o  ver
all my blood for the sweetnes  s of her la  ughter
It's never ov  er she is the tear
that hangs inside my so  ul fore  ver
M  aybe I'm just too yo  ung to ke  ep good love
  from going wr  ong     
O  h...                                   
l  over you should've come ov  er...
I   feel too young to hold o  n
I'm mu  ch too old to break free and r  un
Too de  af dumb and blind
to see the damage I've do  ne     
Sweet lo  ver you should've come ov  er
Oh love I'm waiting I waited for you
L  ooooooo  ver                           
Love  r you should've come ov  er
Cause it's not too lat  e


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