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 D(sus2) Looking ou D  t the door I see the rain fall upon the
 C  funeral             Em9 mourne Em rs    Em7        Em 
 D(sus2) Parading i D  n a wake of sad relations As their shoes
fi C ll up with  wa Em9 ter    Em       Em7        Em 
 C#(dim)             And maybe I'm too you F#7(aug)  ng
To Bm  keep good love     D/A  from going       G6  wrong
 D(sus2) But tonigh D t, you're on my mind  so   C      Em9 
 Em       You'll never kn Em7 ow     Em 
 D(sus2) I'm broken D  down and hungry for your love With no
 C way to    fe Em9 ed it  Em       Em7        Em 
 D Where a D(sus2)  re you tonight?
 D(sus2) Child you  D know how  much I C     need Em9  it.   Em       Em7        Em 
 C#(dim)         Too young to hold  F#7(aug)  on
And too  Bm old to just    br D/A eak free and  G run   F# 
 Bm   Sometimes  Bm11/E a man gets          carrie Em d away,    Em9 
When he Bm  feels like he should be   Bm11/E     having his      Em  fun
And much too b Bm lind to see the damage he's Em  done
 C  Sometimes a man must awake to find that, really,
He has     Em no-one. Em9 ..     Em7        D(dim)/F 
 D/F#     So I'll wait for you...      Gm6  And I'll burn
 A(add9)       Oh will I ever see your G6/B  sweet return?
 A(add9)/C#        Oh, will I ever learn?
 Cmaj7       Oh,  Bm(add11)    oh,    oh, A(add9)/C#  lover,
 G6/B   you    sh A(add9) ould've    c F#5 ome    ov Em er    Em9        Em7 
 Em 'Cause it's not too  D(sus2) late.      D          C       Em9        Em       Em7        Em 
 D(sus2) Lonely is  D  the room, the bed is made
The open window let C s the     Em9 rain i Em n     Em7        Em 
Bu-u D(sus2) rning in t D  he corner is the only one
who dreams h C e had you wi Em9 th him Em       Em7        Em 
M C#(dim) y body       F#7(b5)  turns and yearns for a sl Bm  eep
That won' D/A t ever     G6    come
 D(dim)/F#       It's never o D(sus2) ver,  My k D  ingdom for a  kiss
u C pon her      sh Em9 oulder Em       Em9        Em 
It's never       D  over,  all my riches for her smiles
When I slept so  C soft aga Em9 inst h Em er... Em7 
It's never over D  ,
All my blood for the sweetness of he C r    Em9  laug Em hter  Em7 
 D  It's never over, she's the tear
That hangs inside my so C ul for Em9 ever   Em       Em7 
 C#(dim)           Maybe I'm just to F#7(aug)  o young
To ke Bm ep good love     D/A  from going    wro G ng    Gm6 
 D/F# Oh....      Gm6    oh....   A(add9)     Ohh.....    G6/B     Oh.....
 A(add9)/C#       Oh.......             Cmaj7 Oh.          Bm(add11)  Oh........
 A(add9)/C#     Lover       G6/B you      sh A(add9) ould've  come F#5     ove Em9 r...   Em      Em7  Yeah yeah yes I..
 D/F#  feel too young to hol Gm6  d on
 A(add9) I'm much too hold to break free and G6/B  run
 A(add9)/C# Too deaf, dumb and blind To see the damage I've    don Cmaj7 e        Bm(add11) 
Sweeeeet l A(add9)/C# ooover,       G6/B               you should A(add9) 've          com F#5 e      Em  over   Em9 
 Em7 Oh, I would've    waited Em  for you.
(ad li D/F# b.) Lover, lover Gm6  lover        lover A(add9)  love love      love G6/B  r love love
 A(add9)/C# Loooooooooooo Cmaj7 oooooooo Bm(add11) oooo-  love A(add9)/C# r    you     G6/B should' A(add9) ve come   F#5 over    Em       Em9        Em7 
 Em Cause it's not too l D(sus2) ate.)      D             C        Em9 


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