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Paroles et musique :Jeff Buckley
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  /  This is our last good  /  bye
I hate to f  eel the love b  etween us d  ie
But it's ov  er
Just hear th  is and then I'll go :
you g  ave me more to live for,
mo  re than you'll ever kn  /  ow.
  /  This is our last embrace,
must I   dream and always   see your fa  ce
Why ca  n't we overcome this w  all
Ba  by, maybe it is just because I didn't k  now you at all.
  Kiss me, please, k  iss me
But kiss me o  ut of desire, babe, and not con  solation
You know, it ma  kes me so angry 'cause I kn  ow that in time
  I'll only make you c  ry, this is our last goo  dbye.       
  Did you s  ay "n  o, this can't h  appen to me,"
  and did you r  ush to the p  hone to c  all?
Was there a   voice un  kind in the b  ack of your m  ind saying,
  "mayb  e... you didn't kno  w him at all."    
Well, the   bells out in the church tower c  hime
Bu  rning clues into this heart of m  ine       
Thinking s  o hard on her so  ft eyes and the m  emory
Of her si  ghs that, "it's over... it's over..."


WonderfullJoe, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2017-07-16
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