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Paroles et musique :James William Buffett, James V Taylor, Timothy S Mayer
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Now b  ack when this eart  h was a si  lver blue je  wel
And back when your gr  andfather's f  athers were yo  ung
M  en of these sh  ores made and gav  e up their live  s
P  ulling up fis  h from the sea  
While d  own in the African sla  very trade
S  tealing young men to c  ut sugar cane
Ru  m to New Bedf  ord and cod  fish fr  om Main  e
They were building a wall   that will al  ways r  emai  n
Oh the crown and the cross the mu  sket and the chain
The wh  ite man's religion the f  amily name
Two hund  red years lat  er and who   is to   blame?  
The captain or the c  argo or the jui  ce of the sugar cane?  
The do  ryman he kno  ws when the rip  tides will run  
He sets out his nets   and he wai  ts in the sun  
He th  inks of his fa  mily and drinks   of his rum  
And he wa  its for the codfi  sh to come  
It's the sa  me goddamn ocean that keeps   them alive
It will sw  allow you up it will let   you survive
It will he  al you and steal   you and take   you a  way
Like a note in a bott  le with nothi  ng to   say  
Now b  ack when this ea  rth was a silv  er blue jew  el
Back when your gra  ndfather's fa  thers were you  ng
Me  n of these sho  res made and gave   up their lives  
Pu  lling up fish   from the                                     


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