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Paroles et musique :James C Taylor
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F  etch down the fiddle rosin up the bow  
D  on't play me nothing on the r  adio       
D  on't make me remember the Alamo  
I'm feeling like a l  ittle bit o  f Cotton Eyed J  oe               
No r  aging Cajun crawfish st  ew
F  at batter coming in a lo  umamalo  u
B  oy howdy and howdy damn d  o
Something li  ke fi  ne setting e  yes o  n  you                
L  et me come down
I won't nev  er go   bac  k up   again
O  h ho  ld me down               
L  et me come home
I won't nev  er go   awa  y no   more
O  h le  t me come  dow  n
In a y  ounger day   back in Te  nnes  see          
The m  uddy Mississ  ippi used to c  all to m  e
F  loat on a r  iver and s  et yourself f  ree
Run   from the f  arm and the fa  mily tree
Run   from the runaway b  oy  yeah.
                                    N.C. .          
                                    N.C. .       
So I've   been all the places that I ever want to be  
I've   seen all the people that I ev  er wan  t to see
I'm   sick and tired of being lonely and fr  ee
I'm re  ady to  day for what's wa  iting on m  e
I'm gotta gi  ve up believing I was born to run  
Stop ac  ting like a man that gets s  hot from   a gu  n
I'm pu  tting down roots I want to soak up s  un
And st  ay right   here   until my da  ys are done                     
L  et me back down
I will n  ever   go u  p ag  ain
H  old   me down tie me on down       
L  et me go home
I will nev  er go   awa  y no   more
O  h le  t me come ho  me
O  h  l  et m  e go   down            


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